Highlight #1

Mammoth Photo Festival 2019

Last fall I was hired by the first annual Mammoth Photo Festival. I was tasked with providing my client with marketing material which included a sponsor deck, two promotional instagram videos, posters and banners, and the creation and maintenance of their webpage. I was honored to work with, (and eventually meet), some of the biggest names in the action sports photography scene.

Highlight #2

Ski Animation 2020

Skiing is my cornerstone. Due to COVID-19 my job as a freestyle ski coach for Mammoth Mountain was put on pause indefinitely. The seemingly endless hours of free time and a long-overdue desire to tackle Adobe After Effects lead me to make this video. In doing so, I utilized Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premier Pro. My vision was to create a preview for an old-school, 8-bit Game Boy game. Click below to check it out!